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Waterfall and mountain in Iceland

Iceland is one of the places on the list that I’ve been carrying around in my head for decades, but then it got pretty popular all of a sudden and I went off the idea a bit. Stop being so elitist, Leroy told me, it’s popular for a reason. Many reasons. He then went on to list them:

  1. Sigur Rós, Björk and the Sugarcubes
  2. Revenue from whale watching exceeds any from whaling
  3. Roughly 85% of Iceland’s energy is from renewable resources (way over half is geothermal)
  4. First names not used in Iceland previously have to be approved by the Icelandic Naming Committee
  5. There are no mosquitoes (yet)
  6. There’s a volcanic eruption every 4 years on average (there are pros and cons to this)
  7. It has stunningly beautiful landscapes.

In the end it was an easy sell. We set off for Reykjavik via otherworldly waterfalls, multicoloured rhyolite mountains, lava fields and volcanoes.

Later this afternoon – after a visit to the Icelandic Sea Monster Museum – you’ll probably find us lolling around in the geothermal waters of Blue Lagoon at Grindavik (if you feel like dropping in for a dog paddle).

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