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Floating islands of Lake Titicaca

Llamas, ponchos, Machu Picchu and Lima’s burgeoning food culture. As with most places when you start to scratch the surface, a far more complex array of riches is revealed.

It has certainly been an action-packed day so far. Peruvian coffee (grown organically, by necessity) and tamales in one of Lima’s cafes, then a flying visit to the Mercado de Brujas, a market for ‘witches’ hidden under a railway station with vendors selling all manner of goods and services related to indigenous folk medicine.

Leroy really, really wanted to see the Boiling River, a geothermal hotspot hidden in a remote part of the Peruvian Amazon and protected by a shaman, but realised we’d need to ask the shaman for permission to visit. This would have taken some time so we reluctantly had to give it a miss.

Instead we’ve just spent the afternoon exploring the floating islands of the indigenous Uru people of Lake Titicaca. Constructed of reeds, and originally designed to avoid invasion by the Incas, whole families live on these islands. Small groups of travellers at a time are allowed ‘on board’.

And now it’s back to Lima for dinner. Anyone want to meet us in Miraflores for Pisco sours, ceviche and guinea pig?

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