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Tuvalu, the isolated Polynesian nation halfway between Australia and Hawaii, is infamously destined to be the first country in the world to be submerged by rising seas. I can’t quite decipher my motives for coming here. Am I a rubbernecking climate tourist coming to ‘see it before it goes’ or am I genuinely intrigued by the people, culture and natural environment?

Leroy and I spent the day expanding on our new-found snorkelling skills, swimming with tropical fish and turtles in the Funafuti Marine Park lagoon and wondering if there were any biting, stinging creatures we should be aware of. After all that unaccustomed exercise and fresh air, we then headed over to Filamona’s for a late lunch. Fish, fish and more fish. As a non-fish eater, it was palusami for me – a local dish made of taro, taro leaves cooked with coconut cream, lime juice, onions and local spices. I wish I’d thought to ask them about the spices (another of my minor obsessions).

Despite the recommendation from Filamona herself, we did give the ‘display of intriguing postage stamps’ a miss at the Philatelic Bureau. We’ll just be lying around in hammocks for the rest of the afternoon, enjoying the sea air and waiting for the promised spectacular sunset.

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