Virtual Travel Tales

Our virtual world trip wraps up

Pale green VW van parked next to beach

Thanks to everyone who came on at least part of our virtual round-the-world trip in November. I love that you just rolled with it. I also love the fact that some of you ‘met up’ with us in different places for dinner or a drink, or a turn on the Ferris wheel in the salt mine amusement park. Or offered us travel tips.

So, what have I learnt? That imaginary boyfriends and their imaginary families make good travelling companions. That virtual travel is virtually free and comes with almost none of the downsides of real life travel. That it leaves a small footprint. That the more you find out about the world – especially the bits we don’t get to hear about much – the more interesting it becomes. That the most culturally diverse places are the most fascinating. That there are still swathes of jaw-droppingly beautiful natural landscapes left. Even if I didn’t actually get to taste the food, drink the coffee and the plum brandy, smell the wild thyme or the exhaust of two-stroke engines, I think virtual travel really has something going for it.

So much so, that we’ll be doing more of it in January.

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