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Squirrel in Tallinn park

Unbelievable. We finally seem to have made a virtual breakthrough with Leroy’s youngest sister, Stephanie. Perhaps it was all the postcards Solange and Leroy have sent her over the last few months, or maybe we just wore her down with our endless travel stories. She and her 10-year-old son Valentin agreed to meet us at the Pähni Nature Centre in southern Estonia today. You should have seen their expressions as they arrived from French Guiana into the biting cold of an Estonian winter day.

Less than 10km from the Latvian border, we’re braving the zero degree temperatures for the sole purpose of exploring the three giant megaphones installed in the forest nearby. They were built offsite by interior architecture students from the Estonian Academy of Arts and installed as far away from the city as possible. The whole idea is to amplify the ambient sounds of the forest, and it’s pretty amazing.

If we can drag Valentin away soon, we’re going to head as far north as we can, to Tallinn. The capital is worth a separate trip, but Leroy badly wants to take Stephanie to the iconic Rataskaevu 16 for lunch. Braised roast elk, fried Baltic herrings, deer steak and Estonian cheeses await. I guess that means cheese for me (and that is by no means a complaint).

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