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Preparing for Portugal

Porto, Portugal by Nathalia Segato
Porto, Portugal by Nathalia Segato

I despise packing and I loathe almost everything about air travel — the parched air, the smell of jet fuel, aeroplane food and air freshener, the cramped seats, and the hours that stretch into days as the animated plane on the screen flickers across the globe in tiny increments.

What I don’t loathe is the fact that I can reach the other side of the world in around a day, and in real life. And once the jet lag subsides, the pain of the endless flights becomes a faded memory, a mere echo of sensation, in contrast to new experiences in a new place.

Right now I’m on the countdown to Portugal: planning, writing lists and trying to cram as much work in before I go. My Portuguese is now at around 2%, which is a 2% increase on what I knew previously. It’s starting to feel exciting.