Baku, Azerbaijan

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  Today feels like a real adventure. A journey into a land of fire and oil, mountains and mud. While not necessarily a recommended destination for journalists, Azerbaijan is certainly a fascinating place for travellers. And virtual travel, of course, just makes it easier to get around. A former Soviet republic, Azerbaijan is bounded by four […]


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Albania, Albania, with your 500,000 cold war bunkers, your Accursed Mountains named for a fairy tale, your beautiful beaches and tiny villages with houses painted lime green, aquamarine, peach and lavender, your dusty, potholed roads and your proud stoicism: I think you’re a secret treasure. After WW2, Albania became a Stalinist state, isolated from the […]


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When I was travelling 20 years ago, I met another backpacker who had been chased by wolves in the Carpathian Mountains, confirming every preconceived notion I had about this region of the world. Transylvania, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Nicolae Ceaușescu, Communism and gymnasts were the only other things I associated with Romania. I have to admit, […]